Thrifty Threads

Anyone that knows me knows that I would rather spend $50 on craft beer than dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. I don’t wear my money, I drink it. Though I do enjoy dressing like a lady, I get really uncomfortable when I am faced with the prospect of spending more than $30 on an article of clothing. I blame this on my parents, god love ’em.

Growing up, my family was not wealthy and therefore I was never given new, name brand clothing. I was raised wearing hand-me-downs from my older cousins or second hand Limited Too gear purchased from Ebay or the local consignment shop. I was instilled with the idea that frugality was more important than fashion.

As I have gotten older, I have realized that I don’t want to sacrifice the way I dress in order to save a buck. And honestly, I don’t! I rarely spend more than $50 on anything but am still able to dress in a manner that makes me feel comfortable and confident. My secret to saving money and not dressing like a hobo is one of my favorite stores, Clothes Mentor!!

It is a consignment shop for gently used, name brand clothes which targets the twentysomething demographic. Think Platos Closet for grown ups. Boasting brands such as J-Crew, Ann Taylor, Michael Kors, and more, Clothes Mentor is the perfect place for spending savvy ladies to boost their wardrobe!

Today I am wearing one of my favorite Clothes Mentor Short Pump finds. This dress cost me $7! What a steal! Added bonus, it has pockets!

Check out their website for hours, address, and other information:

Happy shopping!!


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