I came, I slammed, I conquered at the 5th Annual Cape Charles Clam Slam

There are many things I love about my fiancé. He’s smart, musically inclined, a hard worker, and can make a mean banana bread. He also comes with one other huge perk. His family has deep roots in the eclectic little beach town of Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

A humble town with a few restaurants, a couple shops, sparsely occupied beaches, and a bounty of fresh seafood sounded like paradise to me when I first found out about it a few years ago. Even though it may not be the most exciting place in the world, there is a certain charm that keeps drawing us back for late nights hanging with his family and warm days sitting by the bay.

Last weekend we decided to make the trek over to the Cape for the 5th annual clam slam. I just couldn’t resist the idea of a festival solely dedicated to this succulent little crustacean. Three hours and a $15 toll later, we had made our way across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and had arrived in Cape Charles! We were ready to slam some clams!

To our surprise, an influx of people had made their way into the usually quiet town. There were food trucks, beer trucks, and even carnival rides! Almost immediately we sought out the star of the show, clams! They were everything I had hoped for. Sweet and briny, dredged in butter, and devoured in less than thirty seconds, I was a happy girl.

After a long night of cousin hangs, beer drinking, and a regretful McDonald’s trip, the town awoke with excitement for it was the day of the boat docking competition. I will be honest, at first I didn’t understand the hype of watching an aquatic parallel parking competition. I soon found out that my preconceptions were dead wrong.

Thanks to Jonathan’s uncle, we managed to score some tickets to sit in the VIP section of the boat docking event. Not only did we have front row seats to the show but more importantly there was an endless supply of free oysters, clams, barbeque, and beer from none other than Wendell Distributing, Jonathan’s family’s business! I was pretty convinced that I had in fact died and gone to heaven.

For the next few hours we watched boats fly across the harbor, whip into reverse and get tied up like baby calves at a rodeo. It was absolutely incredible! With a belly full of beer, seafood, BBQ, and boat docking bliss, I had a newfound appreciation for the cherished pastime. I’m now a believer in the glorious sport of boat docking.

I can honestly say that for a tiny little beach town festival, the clam slam and boat docking competition was a hit. I already can’t wait for next years festivities. Keep it up Cape Charles, this event was awesome!


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