Meeting my fairy blogmother and the outfit that it inspired

Since I myself have become part of the alternate universe that is the blog realm, I have developed quite a crush on a few lady bloggers. They are my queens. I read their blogs without fail, every single day. I ooh and ahh over everything that they post. I follow them on every single social media platform available. They are my virtual Beyonces.

When I found out that one of my lady blogger crushes was actually a girl that lives in the same city as me and grew up in the same town as me AND went to the same high school as me….I freaked. Her lifestyle blog is chocked full of beautiful fashion and home decor, scrumptious looking recipes, and fun DIY projects. She has only been blogging since last year but everything she does seems effortless and extraordinary and people LOVE her.

Instantly, feelings of inadequacy crept in. Why was I not as good as her? I could never possibly be the blogging genius that she is! I knew that to shut up my dumb little brain, I had to get in touch with her and revel in her glory, only hoping that some would rub off on me.

On Tuesday, I had lunch at Citizen in Richmond, VA with my fairy blogmother, the author of and fashion guru at Go check her out people! You won’t be disappointed!

Over tofu spring rolls we discussed my recent engagement, her upcoming move to NYC and of course, blogging. I left with a belly full of delicious food and newfound inspiration. Her energy and excitement sparked the flame inside of me for not just writing but for growing my blog. Thanks for that Madalyn! ❤

So now I am here, buying domain names and trying to figure out how the hell a link party works. When I woke up Wednesday morning with my newfound confidence, I decided to put slight effort into my work outfit for the day. After a few minutes of perusing my closet, I got tired of looking and picked this.

black and whiteMy mentality: black matches black matches black and my ring makes everything look better so I guess this is about as good as it gets.

In recent years I have convinced myself that wearing so much black is less “black like the color of my soul” and more “black is classy and never goes out of style”. Fill your closet with black garments and your wardrobe basically is everlasting.

Outfit Breakdown

Jeans: Madewell (style: skinny skinny)

Shirt: J Crew Factory (p.s. I paid $15 for this! Woo!)

Shoes: Lucky Brand flats

So there it is. I meet my fairy blogmother and all of a sudden I am posting about fashion! What has gotten into me?! Luckily for all my fellow lazy girls out there, I promise that I will never post an outfit that costs more than $200 or took more than 3 minutes to pick out. Keepin things simple for us un-fashionistas.

My adventures in fashion begin now. Wish me luck!


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