New name, new game!

All arise and welcome your new internet queen, her highness, The Sassmaster.

Ok, false alarm, It’s just me. But I’m so excited everybody because after months of stewing and think-tank sessions on the couch with a beer in hand and my cat in the other, I have FINALLY decided upon a new name for the blog.

I have been wanting to revamp the site for a while now. I had lost interest and wasn’t feeling motivated by the title and/or content that I was previously focusing on. After tirelessly reading other content by some of my favorite lady blogger legends, I finally found my niche. Low and behold, it just so happens that my niche has turned out to be random shit. But fun random shit! and hopefully random shit that other people enjoy as well!

As The newly dubbed Sassmaster I promise you the following:

  • Craft beer that contributes to my life as a lush
  • Adventures in and around my beautiful home of RVA!
  • Food, food, food! Cause I’m a fat.
  • CATastrophes featuring Rufio in all his feline glory
  • DIY: Do It Yoselfs! Lets make things!
  • SO much fun it’ll make your head explode
  • Sass to the nth degree

Let’s get rowdy my friends! Whose excited?!


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