Faithful unto death


It is the one thing that the majority of humanity tries to ignore but is the one thing that none of us can escape. Some die too young and some old, cranky bastards seem to somehow outlive the entire population. No matter how young, or old, or sick, or well you are when you die, it is always heartbreaking for the people around you.

Today, my heart aches for the loved ones of beloved mother, wife, friend, and sister Meg Menzies. While out for her morning jog on January 13, 2014 she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. The man that killed her was a doctor, on his way to work, with a BAC of .11. The ironic part of the story is that his own wife was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago. Also, Meg’s husband was a police officer in Hanover, VA that was notorious for taking down driver’s under the influence. This real life tragedy has all the making of a Hollywood blockbuster. Unfortunately, The death of a beautiful woman was real and the people around her can’t just cut off the tv and make it go away.


I grew up in the same town that Meg lived in. I graduated from the same college that she did. I am her sorority sister. I will say that I never had the privilege to know Meg but her passing has affected me and in turn, I am writing this to honor a life gone too soon.

“Unto death, you whisper. But no, we are stronger than blood oath, and word oath, and written oath. We are heart oath. So beat, beat, beat my heart again. And honey, I gotta tell you, I’m a little scared, cause this is starting to feel like home.” -Sabrina Taghizadeh, Psi Class #270

These words ring as loud and true to me as ever. Since I joined Sigma I was always told that we were “faithful unto death”. But today I realized something. We are not merely faithful until death but our bond and commitment to each other goes beyond death and is carried on in our memory once we leave this Earth. Sabrina Taghizadeh is a Tri Sigma sister. I am a Tri Sigma sister. Meg Menzies was a Tri Sigma sister. The Epsilon Sigma chapter of Tri Sigma at VCU is mourning the loss of not only a wonderful human being but the loss of our sister. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Meg but I have seen the outpouring of love that has come from alumnae members of our chapter that knew her personally. These women went through college, and Sigma, long before me. These women lived next door to Meg. They ate with her. They went to class with her. They were some of her best friends. These women have come together to remember their sister and to support each other in a way that I have never seen before. I am honored to be a part of such a strong and loving bond. I will be joining a huge group of my sisters, old and young, to go for a run in remembrance of our sister Meg this weekend

Her passion in life, second to her family, was running. As an avid marathoner and member of the Richmond Road Runners Club, Meg showed true strength and perseverance in her active life just as she is continuing to encourage and motivate people in her death. A Facebook group titled Megsmiles has asked people to get out and run on Saturday, January 18th in order to raise awareness for runner safety as well as to honor Meg. Two days after her passing the event has 44,488 participants and the number is steadily rising. I challenge you, anywhere you are, to run for Meg. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the rush of endorphins through your body, and remember a woman who brought nothing but joy into this world.

Sigma love and all of mine #493


6 thoughts on “Faithful unto death

  1. Alex says:

    Hi, I’m a Tri Sigma sister also, so your post put into words everything I’ve been thinking since I found out that Meg was a Sigma. And it was beautifully written! It’s truly amazing how we’ve never met her but still feel so moved by what happened, and so connected by the bonds of sisterhood. I’m definitely dedicating my next run in her memory.

    Sigma love and mine,
    Alex (Zeta Psi, TCNJ)

  2. Marianne says:

    This is a lovely tribute to a life gone too soon. I did not know Meg either – but have been so saddened by this tragic story. My thoughts and prayers return to her, her family and friends again and agin. Thank you.

    In our bonds,
    Marianne (Alpha, LU)

  3. Kimi Hauser says:

    I too am a Tri Sigma sister, and I happened upon your post after my advisor shared it. This is such a beautiful tribute and a definite testament to the strength of our national sisterhood. Thank you for honoring our sister Meg by telling her story.

    In Our Bonds
    Kimi (Beta Xi, SEMO)

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