Dorothy, we’re definitely not in college anymore

There I am, fresh faced wide-eyed, waiting for my name to be called. I sit upright as tall as I can in my seat, patiently waiting. The girl to my right is playing candy crush and the guy to my left is sweating so profusely that I am concerned for his health and the safety of my freshly pressed gown. My name is called. I stand up so fast that the blood rushes from my head to my feet and I almost faint. I regain my balance and trot right up to the front of the room to receive my fake little diploma and shake hands with someone who I have never met but was told of their importance. I had finally graduated from college!

Graduation day was a long, hard five years in the making. Yes, it took me five years to graduate from college. No, I am not ashamed of this as the majority of VCU students do not graduate without taking that glorious victory lap. My college experience was a blast! I partied, I experimented, I studied, I failed, I laughed, I cried, I grew, and somehow I came out with a degree and pretty impressive cumulative GPA in the end. With an English degree under my belt I was ready to be a grown up and conquer my dreams! The world was my oyster and I was in search of my pearl. The date was May 12, 2013.

Skip forward to the present. I just started my first full time job as an office manager at a law firm. I wake up every morning, pack my lunch, go to work, do my thang, come home, gym, shower, and go to sleep, in order to do it all again the next day. I am not living in New York, interning/writing for some high profile magazine in the city. I am not famous in the literary realm. I can barely keep steady articles written for the local newspaper that I may or may not still intern for. I do not have tons of free time to hang with all my friends that I neglected while I stayed in and studied my last year of college. I am not a super hip, out on the town girl like I expected to be. After slaving over paperwork and phone calls all day, I come home and want nothing more than to melt into my couch with my cat and get lost in an episode of Girls or Modern Family. I barely see my friends, as many of them are still in college and don’t understand the life of a “grown up”. Mind you, I am using this term verrrrryyyy loosely.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am still in search of my pearl. At the ripe old age of 23 I don’t know why I expected to have everything fall right into place after college. I am merely a child in the real world. My ignorance shows on a daily basis. I have come to accept the fact that the journey towards ones goal is what makes post grad life interesting. Nobody graduates from college and lands directly into their dream job. Well, unless they are a freak genius or have crazy cool connections unlike many of us. Post grad life is about finding happiness in the day to day. It’s about exploring a world without the strangling constraints of college dorms and lecture halls. It is about making a place for yourself and doing whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Post grad life is about being happy, being free, and being hopeful for the new and exciting things to come.


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