If you don’t give a damn, we don’t give a cluck

Hi, my name is Lauren and today I came to the realization that I am once again, going to be a chicken farmer. Let me start off by saying that this decision was not made without a little kicking and screaming along the way. After many months of tuning out my boyfriend while he discussed his plans to raise poultry, I have decided to give in and join in on the fun.

Growing up in rural Virginia it was more common to have chickens in the yard than a cat in the house. We had a coop full of them for a few years that gave my family the most delicious eggs I have ever eaten. After being chased through the yard by an angry rooster one too many times, I decided that when I grew up I would never ever have anything to do with those satan birds ever again. Well, I guess my wish came true because soon after I openly began professing my hate for the birds, a coyote had his way with them one night. Needless to say, it was quite a traumatic scene in our backyard the next morning. Since that day, I have sworn off poultry, except when it comes to my dinner plate. Chicken, being one of my favorite sources of protein, and also one of the most unclean types of meat produced today because of factory farming, has been in and out of my life for many years depending on my finances. I refuse to buy anything less than hormone free, all natural, organic, hippie-dippie, earth loving, grass eating, tree hugging chickens. I just don’t trust those drugged up juicer birds that are being shoved down the throats of the majority of Americans today. For this reasons, I only buy chicken when my bank account is flourishing. I will say, I am an avid Whole Food’s shopper but I just can’t afford to continue to buy their meat every week. I am too damn frugal for that.

 That being said, after months of convincing, I have given up my days of poultry hate to join my boyfriend on his quest to Chickentopia! Not gonna lie, the penny pincher in me can’t resist the though of free grass-fed chicken and brown eggs that cost a whopping $free.99! I will report back as soon as the operation gets underway but I am actually getting really excited to try my hand at this whole chicken thing again. Its gonna be a clucking good time! 


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