How to make 2014 my bitch….

I have decided that 2014 will be my year. I am going to make it my bitch. I am going to dominate in all aspects of my life. I am making changing and shaping who I am into a bigger, better, smarter, stronger version of my already incredible self. When resolutions mean more than half-hearted goals, they become reality and they shape your world into the life you always dreamed of having. Let me explain a little more in depth why I am going to totally kick ass in 2014. Look out world because here I am!


1) NO food after 8pm.

            This one was an automatic no brainer when making my list this year. I am a snackaholic and my addiction has gotten out of control. I am solely keeping General Mills in business with my multi-weekly purchases of chex mix. As my snack cravings get satisfied, my weight goes up and my bank account goes down and fat is just not a good look on me. Sorry chex mix, it’s been a great ride but we must part ways…for now


2) Gym 5 days a week

            As I mentioned before, fat is not a good look on me. At a staggering 5 foot 3, I was not meant to be large, even though my recent diet of beer and salty snacks has proven otherwise. I am running a 10k in 2 months and a half marathon at the end of the year. I need to get my shit together and get my blood a pumpin!


3) Save $5,000

            As I write this down I am still kicking myself for making such a difficult task for myself. I have crafted the art of “just getting by” and it’s created a happy life for me so far. Although, I realized that I’m tired of “just getting by”. I dream, on a daily basis, about traveling to Europe. This is how I will get there. I can eat PB&J sandwiches for lunch everyday for a year if it means I get to someday sit in a restaurant in Italy, twirling noodles around my fork and loving every minute of it.


4) Read and write EVERYDAY

            I am ashamed to admit this but since graduating from college in May, I have had no desire to do anything that pertained to reading or thoughtful writing. I was an English major. I was forcefed literature for years and had to flex my writing muscle on a daily basis. Ya know what, my reading brain and my writing muscle got tired, reallllll tired, to the point that they didn’t want to do a single thing. The thing about being an English major who isn’t reading or writing is that you are not advancing your craft. It’s all about the craft. This year is about the craft, my craft. I will shape it and mold it and build it and grow it. I will create and explore and prove to myself that I have a gift and it needs to be used.


5) Write a book

            This is the one that terrifies me. It is something that I have wanted to do for years but have been held back by my fear. It’s scary and it’s hard and it’s only for professionals and I have been making too many damn excuses for too long. This year I will write everyday and at the end of the year I will compile my writings, sift through, expand, edit, throw out, add on, and create a book. A real live tangible book with my name on it. By the end of 2014, I will be an author. 


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