The Bookshelf


The bookshelf.

Not only it is the first thing that I see as soon as I walk into my apartment, it is a structure that holds our lives. Our memories rest upon the wooden shelves. Each item serves a purpose. These items make up the whole. It is where three people have become one. Our lives in material form, collecting dust upon a bookshelf.

The black glitter skull, Johnny Cash records, F. Scott Fitzgerald books, the golden statue of a baseball player, the painting from Spain, and more books than I can even count. This is me. My life upon these shelves. Each item representing a stage, a phase, or an era of me. These little trinkets and knickknacks and treasures show my true colors. The books, they show my passion and my dreams. They are the reason that I am working tirelessly towards my goals.  The records show my love for my grandparents. The love for my grandfather who graciously gifted me the vinyl sounds of Johnny Cash and my sweet grandmother that forced him to do so. The baseball statue represents green grass, home-runs, and summer nights. The statue is my trophy that represents the true prize that I have won in finding the love of my life and sharing my love of baseball with him. Then theres the glittery skull. The glitter is for the nights I wont remember and the friends i’ll never forget. The twinkle in our eyes when we found our home away from home. The skull represents much more than that. My life being forever devoted to a group of women that know my deepest secrets and love me anyways. A group of sisters bonded not by blood but by oath. We are a group of women so tightly woven by the ties of love that our hearts beat as one. Now and forever, we are faithful unto death.

The other items are my roommates and their memories. The things that make them unique. The free spirited child stuck in the 1960s and the progressive fashionista from L.A. They complete the trifecta.

Three lives converged in a tiny Richmond apartment. Strangers we began and separated we will soon be. Although for now, our lives will continue to rest upon the shelves. Collecting dust but sitting in perfect unison upon our magnificent bookshelf.


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