This past weekend I attended my first VCU basketball game. Although, I am sad to say it took me until my last semester of college to do so. After a long, frustrating day, I was so excited to spend my evening with my amazing boyfriend on my last homecoming as a VCU student. We rushed to the Siegel center in hopes of getting good seats. We finally sat down, got comfortable, and prepared for the game. Decked out in VCU gear, we were dressed for the part but soon after arriving, we realized that we were a little out of our element. Now, I know that every school has their share of chants and songs but VCU really goes above and beyond. Sitting in the student section at our first basketball game might not have been the best choice. There was some song that was continually sung and of course I had no idea what the lyrics were. When the opposing team was being introduced, everyone in the student section turned their backs to the court. As my boyfriend and I look at each other with definite awkwardness, we slowly turn around to look like we knew what was going on. There was also some motion with the hands that happened when a VCU player was going to shoot the ball. I dunno, that one didn’t make much sense. Anyways, these were just a few of the many hand motions and rally cries that made me feel completely out of my element. Needless to say, It was a great time overall. I finally caught onto some of the traditions and was able to keep up with the game. My boyfriend, being the sport aficionado that he is, kept having to explain what was going on since my view was blocked by a sea of people. In the end, VCU came out victorious! It was such an awesome experience even with all of the confusion of the unique traditions. I left feeling so overwhelmingly proud of my school. Even though it took me 5 years to make it to a game, I’m glad I finally did. Sitting in the Siegel center at a sold out game was what I needed to feel immense pride in the fact that I attend one of the most spirited schools in the country. I will forever be a Ram and rock my black and gold. 


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