Glass blown brilliance




Glass gardens. Starfish and octopus figurines. Native American woven blankets. These are just a few of the visually striking elements that make up the mesmerizing Chihuly exhibit at the VMFA. After a sleepless night listening to blaring music and the hollering of drunken roommates in the wee hours of the morning, I rolled out of bed with a goal for my Sunday. I have wanted to visit the Chihuly exhibit since it came to Richmond a few months ago. I have seen the beautiful pictures that all of my friends have been posting online and have been quite jealous of their experience until today. The colors, shapes, and size of these amazing pieces of art are something that I have never seen in my entire life. Today was finally the day! My boyfriend and I hopped in the car and hurried to the VMFA. Upon our entrance into the exhibit we were stunned. Not only stunned but shocked by the colors that exploded as streaks, dots, and swirls on the huge glass structures. Glass blown with care and concern. Sand mixed with water to create glass. Color pigments mixed with a glass ball and blown to perfection. The gravitational pull on the molten hot glass allowed for details and massive size that I could have never imagined. I was like a child seeing a rainbow for the first time. Something new, something purely original, something unique. Chihuly was able to take my breath away with his beautiful displays of art. Not only did the glass have me in awe but I was pleased to see an entire wall covered with Native American woven blankets. As a quilting aficionado, I could not stop staring at the details and colors that encompassed each individual masterpiece. I walked out of this exhibit wanting to immediately re-enter and experience it all over again. I can’t stop staring at the pictures that were taken on my phone which do not even come close to doing this artwork justice. This exhibit is something that I will never forget. I experienced pure bliss today because of the brilliance of one talented glass blower.


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