Have you been pickled?


Being from the south, I can never pass up anything deep fried. Slap it in some batter and toss  it in some grease and I will devour it. Upon my arrival at Mint restaurant on Main st., I did not expect to find the culinary delights that were presented to me. Tucked away in an old corner building on one of the busiest streets in Richmond, Mint has a certain upscale charm that would not be expected from a restaurant nestled among some of the most popular bars in town. My boyfriend and I commented on the lengthy bar but unfortunately short menu. I went into instant panic mode when I was handed a menu that barely covered one page, front and back. I needed options! With my anxiety through the roof, I started scanning the few available dishes. That is when a gift from the culinary gods fell out of the sky and into this little Richmond restaurant. Two words: fried pickles. Deep fried goodness with a side of herbaceous buttermilk ranch. Yep, that’s what I was getting, to start off at least. Resembling a vacuum cleaner, I dunked and devoured every one of those delicious little pickles. I proceeded onto the rest of the meal happy as a lark. My entrée of rockfish and hash was more than delicious, it was superb. Although, I found myself continually thinking about those divine pickles. An unexpected little southern delight, cooked to perfection in a semi fine dining restaurant. Richmond has a way of attracting the upscale crowds of businessmen and their cackling housewives. The old city charm attracts those with money to blow. Even though I don’t belong to the crowd that would spend their money at restaurants such as Mint every day, I do appreciate their ability to keep the south alive through their cuisine. Whether its for the pork belly BLT or the chicken and waffles, one must indulge in the delightful dishes of this small corner eatery sooner rather than later. In a city full of restaurants and fine dining establishments, Mint is a breath of fresh air.


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