Bagels and Beginnings

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Today marks the start of an adventure. It began as a typical Tuesday morning. I woke up with my demon cat trying to lick his way into my brain. My eyelid is still sore from his razor sharp tongue. That retched little beast kept me up half the night, pawing at the trash in the trashcan and stretching out in the bed like he’s the king of the castle. Of course, I was forced to sleep in a ball, almost cat-like. Oh the irony. The only thing that was able to force me to peel myself out of bed this morning was the grueling hunger pains causing a ruckus in my abdomen. My mind instantly gravitated to my favorite breakfast pair. My kryptonite. An iced coffee and an everything bagel slathered in butter and polka dotted to perfection with sriracha chili sauce. This heavenly combo has a certain way of controlling my every movement in the morning. I will wake up early for it. I will walk those extra couple blocks for it. It certainly doesn’t help that Crossroads Coffee & Tea is so conveniently located. I could practically jump from my bedroom window into the doors of my favorite breakfast refuge. I am happy to say that I am currently indulging in my favorite culinary duo, seated peacefully between an old man reading a tattered textbook while furiously writing notes in the margin of every page and a younger man reading a brand new copy of some book about the intellectual capabilities of dogs. I have perfect perception of my surroundings. Popular radio blaring in the background, the barista sweeping up a spill in front of the register, the boots of Richmond natives tap-tap-tapping on the hardwood floors. I usually enter and retrieve my bagel only to quickly retreat. Today I listen. I want to know more.

My hunger controls me. It controls my bank account. It controls my free time. It controls my every move. It controls my thoughts. A delicious, spicy bagel is not the only thing that my body yearns for these days. With the looming thought of college graduation in my near future, I feel the need to connect with my surroundings while I still have the chance. Im hungry to know more, see more, hear more, learn more. I have chosen to locate myself in one of the most historically rich, culturally diverse, and unique cities in the country. Obviously this is my opinion, but a valid one indeed. Im going to take the opportunity to explore my amazing city before I am forced to  enter into the full time, working world. I want to connect with my surroundings through adventure, exploration, and my day-to-day life. Bagels are no longer my main purpose for getting out of bed in the morning. It’s time for a new beginning in the city that I have called my home for many years.


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